Year in Flyby

Flyby’s Top 10 Pandemic Pieces of the Past Year

Flyby Everywhere: My Passport Probably Thinks I'm Dead

As an international freshman, my feet have yet to step on Cambridge soil — the closest I’ve been to Harvard is through Snapchat stories during Virtual Visitas.  So naturally, instead of spending my Saturday night doing a math pset due the next day, I spent two hours Google Earth-ing Harvard Yard. I even went on a virtual tour of Harvard’s campus.

Quiz: What Kind of Zoom Participant Are You?

Let Flyby take a guess about your Zoom habits using your results to this quiz!

Sleep Schedules for a Zoom Semester

There are some undeniable benefits to online learning, however, for a perpetually sleep deprived college student, one has to wonder how beneficial Zoom classes are for one’s sleep schedule.

A Harvard Student's Guide to Tinder... in a Pandemic

If there's anything we've gained from this global pandemic, it's a deep, crushing need for social connection. Woo! If you're anything like us and Tinder has become your latest go-to spot for conversation and/or validation, follow this guide to make sure your profile is in good shape for your next swiping session.

How To Vibe Check Your Zoom Class

Here’s how to vibe check your classes on Zoom.