Notes from Day 365: Requiem for a Lost Year

From One, Many: What We’ll Remember from Quarantine

With this commencement editorial, we’re stepping back from our collective voice — assessing together our respective times apart.

‘Checking In’ With the Editorial Board

In the spirit of checking in, here’s where a few of us are — not as a board but as intimate pairs of peers. We wrote these sections in teams of two, checking in with each other.

March 10, 2020: Harvard Stops, But the World Cannot

As we feel an existential humility in the face of this pandemic, Harvard's choice to close its doors gives us deep reason for worry as students and global citizens.

Notes from Day Two: How Not To Shut Down

More than wishing to stay on campus, we wish that we felt more taken care of by the University.

Notes from Day Three: Classmates Out of Place

Where the work of our everyday lives has been abandoned, a mythic human-ness — a transcendent camaraderie — has taken its place.