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Inside Harvard’s Cautious Reopening Approach in the Year of Covid

How Eight Harvard Graduate Students Adapted to Life During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Eight students from five graduate schools sat down with The Crimson to share their stories from an unprecedented year. They are not just students; they are bakers and entrepreneurs, fathers and daughters, volunteers and Olympic-hopeful rowers.

Timeline: Covid-19 Creates Health and Employment Uncertainty for Harvard Staff

Between the uncertainty of health and safety concerns, workplace closures, and contract negotiations, the pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges for Harvard’s workers.

Visual Story: Here’s What Happened This Week A Year Ago, In Animations

Over the course of this week a year ago, life on Harvard’s campus drastically changed. Here’s a look back — in animation form — at what each day that week had in store for Harvard students.

The ‘Second’ Class of 2024

More than 20 international freshmen interviewed said their first semester of college was marked by nocturnal schedules, social isolation, and inadequate support from the College. Many said they feel pessimistic that things will get better this spring.

The Good, The Bad, and The Awkward: Faculty and Students Reflect on a Virtual Fall Semester

While the University’s decision to abruptly de-densify its campus in the spring gave little time to shift to virtual learning, faculty spent the summer making numerous adaptations to their courses, some of which clicked with students and others of which were met with less enthusiasm.