November 12, 2020

Volume XXXI, Issue XIX

Editor's Note

Hey there reader, We know what you’re thinking — “Another issue? These days? In this economy?!” Yeah — we get it. We’re almost done. Anyway, lots of great pieces this week: CHG profiles the first-year who, after receiving a free bulk order of Trojan Condoms, bagged rubbers and candy and distributed them to their fellow freshmen in a socially distanced trick-or-treat-meets-college-campus. TMB “visits” the Passim School of Music, which currently offers folk music classes over Zoom. MMA and AVM talk to the doctor behind the study that found an increased rate of heart attacks following the 2016 election — if you’ve been feeling a little tense these last few weeks. TCK tries out the Novel Kitchen, a “novel” restaurant with a no-cook kitchen operating out of the Brookline Booksmith. SWF and JCDQ tell of the rise of the Harvard Undergraduate Poker Club. AJT rides along with “The Engine,” an MIT-led venture firm that recently won investment from the Harvard Corporation. Vroom vroom! And FJB tells the story of Harold L. Humes, or “Doc,” a troubled fixture of Harvard Square life in the seventies and eighties. You certainly won’t want to miss this week’s two cover stories. In “Beyond the Classroom, Lurking Fears and Conflicting Truths,” MSA gets the inside scoop on how reopening Cambridge’s schools has challenged the district’s commitment to “equity and access,” leaving many parents worried that those at the greatest risk may ultimately have the least say in the process. And in “Ninety-Six Hours in November,” six writers narrate their experiences across the country on election day and throughout the days that followed. FM will take a break these next few weeks to prepare for our final issue of the semester. Until then, stay well. Yours, AWDA + NHP