November 18, 2021

Volume XXXII, Issue XIX

Editor's Note

Dear reader, It’s hard to believe this is our last regular issue as chairs of Fifteen Minutes — but very easy, and thrilling, to see and believe in the many future issues to come under MVE and SSL, our two new FM chairs! As you settle down for Thanksgiving break, you’ll have plenty of time to catch up on our content and dive into this final set of brilliant, weekly articles: If you’re missing campus, we’ll take you right back: MMFW spends a night awake on campus and writes a funny, moving, and witty piece about the people she met and (sometimes bizarre) experiences she had. ITM and WH talk to the creators of “Harry Potter and the Sacred Text,” an acclaimed podcast run by students at the Divinity School which discusses chapters from the series in each episode; they’re starting from scratch, now centering the political context of J.K. Rowling’s hateful social media posts. DRZ and PSR go to the Yard for a haircut and to learn about two freshmen’s successful haircutting businesses. ASG tells us about efforts to package leftover HUDS food into frozen meals to donate. YK and CY talk to Benzy Wenzelberg, a senior whose thesis consists of an opera adaptation of Ulysses from the perspective of Molly Bloom. Away from Harvard, MG looks into the history of the Framingham women’s correctional facility as debates over whether to build another women’s prison to replace it in Mass. heat up. BSH and AVM look into the upsides and risks of an effort to sequence baby genomes for life-threatening genetic diseases. SWF finally gets us access to the Bachelor universe, profiling Romeo P. Alexander ’11, who was on the Bachelorette! And in this week’s endpaper, KT writes lovingly and movingly about movie nights with her father. Rounding the issue out is another story from ITM, profiling a woman, referred to by the pseudonym “Katherine,” and her struggle to unlearn the subservience to men taught to her through the Christian faith. There’s no proper “next time” for an “until,” so enjoy your breaks and look out for our end-of-year issue, about 15 meaningful places on Harvard’s campus, in December! Love, MNW & OGO