October 22, 2020

Volume XXXI, Issue XVI

Editor's Note

Dearest reader, Producing this issue has fostered some long-due personal growth: We defined the contours of the “millennial aesthetic color pallet,” sampled takeout from “Thai Hut Restaurant,” and finally learned how to spell “a cappella.” The virtual college experience continues to be transformative, I guess. Of course, we also published some stellar content. MVE and AJT profile the UnLonely Project. GRO takes FM’s annual trip to Salem. MMFW and SF meet the creatrixes behind the anticapitalist, employee-owned pottery shop on Mass. Ave. GJP discusses Chicago Youth Poet Laureate Penelope Alegria’s new chapbook. KKC reflects on why Harvard students grow up so fast. AMC explores the allure of productivity YouTube videos. JL and JCA investigate the fraught dynamics behind the Harvard Republican Club’s decision to endorse Trump. And in this week’s endpaper, EKJ tells the story of her choice to stand up for her mother. KL and OGO anchor this week’s issue with their scrutiny on Harvard’s curious post-graduate employment landscape. Harvard, they write, makes its students an implicit promise: The University can give them both a liberal arts education and a high-paying job when they graduate. But that promise has never been equally accessible to everyone — and the pandemic has only served to exacerbate its inequalities. The year is rapidly coming to a close — but FM still has plenty of surprises in store. Yours, AWDA + NHP