October 29, 2020

Volume XXXI, Issue XVII

Editor's Note

Dear Reader, Hey there! It’s us, shouting into the void once again. One day, they’ll fix the “Issues” button on the website and someone will actually be able to read these. What a glorious day that will be! Until then, let these notes serve as an unexamined testament to our gradual descent in madness — the perfect fodder for a final paper for an HL90 on the pandemic, perhaps. Anyway, some good pieces this week: GWO and AVM uncover the spooky spider web of special interests behind a website providing tips for COVID-safe trick-or-treating. CHG and TCK profile the founder of an anti-cyberbullying keyboard app. VX does comics — but over Zoom. SSI indicts the sketchy science behind the Great Barrington Declaration. GJP spoke with local business owners hoping to push the holiday shopping season earlier. And SWF and JCDQ reveal the strange history of the bust of W.E.B. Du Bois JZL and MVE anchor our issue with a doggedly-reported scrutiny on the changing dynamics of undergraduate life. This semester, students are living off campus at rates unseen in decades — revealing a host of challenges and inequalities typically shielded from view by the “Harvard bubble.” And of course it’s happening against the backdrop of one of the largest eviction crises in recent memory. Harvard students aren’t just moving in — they’re forcing some people out. Yours, AWDA + NHP