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The Green Games

There are times in a man's life when months of hard work suddenly seem worthless. When in the space of


The Rites of Springfest

This Sunday is Springfest, the one day every year when even the grouchiest critics of the Undergraduate Council are tempted


The Collected Works of fas%

Last Friday, Harvard suffered through several hours without access to e-mail thanks to a small lapse in the vigilance of


March Madness and Democracy

March is the cruelest month. The confluence of myriad midterms, sundry applications and neglected theses is bad enough. But for


McCain's Moral Equivalent of War

Supporters of Arizona Sen. John S. McCain had a tough time last night at the IOP. As returns from the

Sic Transit Dunkin' Donuts

Some Harvard students sate their revolutionary ambitions with social justice rallies and ill-fated leafleting in Mass Hall. Others, however, commit


The Lost Art of Harvard Oratory

'Tis the season when smiling choruses of admissions officers, tour guides and sundry administrators begin to sing of Harvard's virtues,

Core Classes Lack Depth

Stodgy traditionalists make happy habit of lamenting the place of the Western canon in college curricula. How odd, they say,


Falling in Love With the T

It's not every day one falls in love. I, however, have fallen. She's not too comely; in fact, she's large,


Always an Icon, A Bond in the '90s

All the world's a movie, and young men have their favorite characters in it. At first the infant, amidst his


Mere Tolerance

If genuine religious faith seems increasingly rare nowadays, genuine respect for religious faith seems even rarer. And the same holds


The American Invasion

During the Harvard and Princeton Glee Club concert this weekend, the guys with the orange bow ties sang a lovely


Students Vote No on Council

The Undergraduate Council election was a momentous occasion for only one reason: it didn't matter at all to most students.


House Community in Jeopardy

Surrounding the news of the Administration's cut in blocking groups size floats a nebulous idea: "House community." The Masters say

Black History Month Considered

Did you know that the model for the Statue of Liberty was a black woman? Patrons of Boston-area McDonald's have