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Harvard Lags in Stem Cell Work

According to professors, Harvard researchers last week were dealt a humbling blow when a monumental medical breakthrough in stem cell

Alumna Levine Probes Lives of Hasidic Teens

For an alumna of Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, inspiration for a dissertation topic came out of a

Movie Review

A single event spawns all others in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s sophomore wonder, 21 Grams, yet it doesn’t occur anywhere near

Prime Minister Praises U.S. Equity

New Zealand’s first female prime minister and a champion of women’s and gay rights told an intimate gathering of students

The Way Things Work

Deconstructing the Mosque

Award-winning author and illustrator David Macaulay, who has made his reputation by making the art of architectural design accessible to


Constructing Ed Zwick

The screening room at the Loews Harvard Square movie theater was abuzz last weekend with laughter, cheers, applause and tears—and

Centennial Celebration Exhibit

The idea to produce an exhibition to commemorate the centennial anniversary of Harvard’s Busch-Reisinger Museum began with the acquisition of

Music Video Makes Maye’s Day

Aspiring hip-hop star Richard W. Maye ’04 has received a lot of puzzled phone calls lately. “One of my friends


Brattle’s ‘Fantastic’ Film Fest To Showcase Horror

Ned Hinkle, co-director of the reputably ‘indie’ Brattle Theatre, and Steven Schneider, who has edited numerous books dedicated to the

Actor Jolie Talks on Crafting Croft

Melodious, amiable and undeniably sexy, Angelina Jolie’s gliding voice is as complex as the woman herself. With the faintest hint