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July 1: 10:22 a.m.—A Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) officer was dispatched to Bright Hockey Center to take a report

Women Seek to Carve Out a Niche

The class of 2005 will leave Cambridge with women’s issues catapulted to the forefront of campus and national awareness, following

Professor Scolded for Harrassment

In December 1979, for the first time in Harvard history, the University officially reprimanded a faculty member for sexual harassment,

Campus Offers Disaster Victims Aid

From organizing benefit events to founding a group on, members of the Harvard community are mobilizing to aid victims

No Room for Romance

When Peter T. Wilson ’99 moved into his freshman dorm, his proctor, who had just graduated, was dating a then-student

Corker Finishes Up a Month's Work

Don’t let the Manny Ramirez poster on the wall of his University Hall office fool you. Zac A. Corker ’04

Gross to Students: Cheer Red Sox Safely

After last week’s deadly riots following the Boston Red Sox win over the New York Yankees in the American League

Recent Grad Takes On Social Post

After emerging from the foam of the Mather Lather and trading his t-shirt in for a graduation gown, Zac

'Game' To See Tighter Drinking Rules

Increased enforcement of alcohol restrictions at this year’s Harvard-Yale game will likely make it tougher than ever for students to

Since 2002, Twice As Many Go Abroad

The number of students studing abroad during the fall semester surged this year for the second time in a row,

More Women Enroll as Harvard Maintains High Yield

For the first time in Harvard history, more women than men are expected to be part of an incoming first-year

Strutting their Stuff Pt. II

Lather. Exfoliate. Rinse. Repeat. To compliment such wardrobes, grooming—once the exclusive domain of women donning powders and lipstick—is working its

Strutting their stuff

For Harvard men at the turn of the 19th century, fashion dictates came from the college administration, not the Milan

Red Folders in Hand, Pre-Frosh Invade

The 1,100 pre-frosh who flocked to Cambridge for this year’s visiting weekend said they were more impressed by Harvard’s often-lamented

Class of 2008 Applications Remain High

In the College’s second highest tally ever, 19,712 students applied for a spot in the Class of 2008, despite early