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Above and Below the Floridian Sands

Seven stories above the sparkling waters of Hallandale, Florida and the ebb and flow of tourists’ shouts live two women

Quantify Your Life!

As the semester frantically winds to a close and even the most stubborn of last spring’s leaves flutter to the

Shoes, Soulmates and Savtas

No visit home is ever complete without the requisite shopping trip at the local mall. Last week’s Thanksgiving visit felt

The Lure of Confidence

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a controversial column that garnered an intensely charged reaction. Since then, I have been

Who is the Jewish Vote?

If the crowd gathered outside Cardullo’s on Wednesday is any indication, at least I won’t be alone in my despair

In and Out

Ever since the vice presidential debates, the airwaves have been abuzz with the ins and outs of Mary Cheney’s sexuality.

The Joys of Sex

Over the past four years, under President Bush’s leadership, two sex-related subjects have been making headlines on a regular basis.

Re-Centering Harvard Women

Over the past month, the Radcliffe Union of Students (RUS) has revived a 30-year-old campaign to establish a women’s center