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Alone at the Movie House

Can movie marathons be more than the activity of Sunday afternoons? For Ian S. Polonsky ’06, who turned in his

MFA High on Realism

Boston’s winter grayness didn’t make it into the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), where the saturated colors of two new

Finding Magic in the Mundane

Nothing is what it seems at the Carpenter Center’s student show, “Double Hung II.” The little hospital room, painted vomit-green?

Tales of Public Art

Come spring, Harvard Square is awash with people from tourists to students to locals. But through their omnipresent dark sunglasses,

Steve Martin and the Lapin Agile

PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE Location: Winthrop House Junior Common Room DATE: May 5-7 at 7 p.m.; May 7-8 at

ARTSMONDAY PREVIEW: Hillel Production of ‘Youth’ Will Glow

The actors in this week’s production of “This Is Our Youth” shuddered as they watched themselves in a video-taped dress

On the Radar: Harvard Ballet Company

Thursday, April 21 and Friday, April 22. 13th Annual Spring Performance of the Harvard Ballet Company. 8 p.m., Rieman Center

On the Radar: This Is Our Youth

Friday, April 22 and Saturday, April 23. 8 p.m. Adams House Pool Theater. $6; students $5. Tickets available at the

ARTSMONDAY: Urban Takes Center Stage

“Silence doesn’t scare me––all it is is a chance to make a little noise…” Spoken towards the end of Graffiti,

MAC Event Tackles Stress

Visitors to the Malkin Athletic Center (MAC) this weekend may actually have left with a few more calories under their

Foer's Book 'Incredibly Close' to 9/11

Nine-year olds, especially precocious, Shakespeare-quoting, environmentalist-vegan ones, get irritating really fast. When the child narrator of Jonathan Safran Foer’s second

Tufts Exhibit Explores the Female Psyche

What do Jennifer Lopez, a virgin from Tennessee, and the Stanford swim team have in common? They’re all a part

SoHo Art with Boston Flair

In the Harvard world of abbreviations and acronyms, the name SoWa may not turn heads. In the art world, however,

Professional Potter Shows and Throws

If you’ve ever seen Ghost , you’re well aware of the magic of a pot rising from the skilled hands

Calligrapahy Evokes Modern Aesthetic

The owners of the seventy-odd Japanese scrolls and objects currently on display at the Arthur M. Sackler Museum do not