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Minutiae Make 'Story'

It has been five years since Tobias Wolff’s last novel and over 10 years since his last collection of short


The first—and only—time that I read Homer’s “The Odyssey” was in my high school freshman English class. I hated it.

A Troubling ‘Titus’ In the Ex

When Olga I. Zhulina ’09 stood alone amidst a grove of red flags, holding out forearms swathed in red scarves

‘Hot Tin Roof’ Is A Dynamite Show

While wholly unacquainted with Tennessee Williams’ work, I went to see the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club’s production of “Cat on a

‘Zookeeper’ a Mixed Bag

It is difficult not to speculate about a book when its title is “The Zookeeper’s Wife.” Such a stamp holds

ARTSMONDAY: ‘Who’s Afraid?’ Is a Strong, Intense Play

I walked out of the Loeb Ex on Friday feeling as though I had just been through a war—a war

ARTSMONDAY: ‘Fabulation’ is Magical Experience

There is a theater crowd on every campus; they’re the students whose names you see over and over again on

ARTSMONDAY: A Warm Welcome For Loeb Ex Play

When a jabbering, flourescently-dressed Marielle E. Woods ’08 first strutted onto the stage of “Reception” with a shell-shocked Jonah C.

‘Cabrol’ Dwarfs Mainstage

In the original production and in most subsequent interpretations, the protagonist of “The Three Lives of Lucie Cabrol” is a

ARTSMONDAY: ‘Fall’ Proves a Successful Leap of Faith

If Harvard could somehow be distilled into one play, “Fall” would be it. The good news for Harvard: it also

Sagging ‘House’ Ends On High Ground

In the first couple minutes of the Adams House Drama Society’s production of George Bernard Shaw’s “Heartbreak House,” genteel Brits

WHRB Concerts, Live on the FM Dial

There’s a new Friday night concert scene in town. There’s no cover, and no stuffy, dimly lit rooms. It’s all


MGM Directed by Tony Bill 5 stars Judging by its pre-theater publicity, I wasn’t expecting much from “Flyboys.” A grim

Cast Kicks Off Its Shoes to Success

When I walked into a half-empty Agassiz Theatre this past Friday night to see the Harvard S.T.A.G.E. production of “Footloose,”

Wei-Jen Yuan

Wei-Jen Yuan ’06 started writing music for the same reason that many young men start writing music: to impress a