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Harvard Starts Regular Season with Weekend Split

The No. 47 Harvard men’s tennis team opened its regular season with a mixed performance this weekend, losing, 7-0, to

Permanent Green

On Wednesday, former Vice President and Nobel laureate Albert A. Gore, Jr. will speak to a crowd predicted to number

Men's Tennis

Crimson Divides, Can’t Conquer Over Extended Weekend

The Harvard men’s tennis team split over the weekend with mixed results. The Crimson’s captain, Chris Clayton, played at the

Men's Tennis

Early Lessons From Top Squads

It’s nice to be the defending Ivy League champion, but the Harvard men’s tennis team learned the hard way this

Men's Tennis

Harvard Regains Ivy Crown in Commanding Campaign

Some of the most notable moments in sports history, such as Babe Ruth’s “Called Shot” in the 1932 World Series

Men's Tennis

Crimson Handed Early Exit by Texas Tech

The Harvard Men’s tennis team lost 4-2 to Texas Tech on Saturday in the first round of the NCAA team

(Not) Tomorrow’s Fuel

Given how much the changing climate, rising fuel prices, and declining food supplies have been in the news lately, you’ve

Men's Tennis

Weekend Sweep Claims 27th Ivy Title

You know you’ve got something good when the words “steamrolled,” “smoked,” and “crushed” outnumber the more mundane “did well.” But

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Men's Tennis

Crimson Still Undefeated in Ivy Play

The weather was shaky, but the Harvard men’s tennis team was not. The No. 48 Crimson (12-6, 4-0 Ivy) held

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Quick Start in League Play

The Harvard men’s tennis team opened its Ivy League campaign in fine form this weekend, notching two road wins that

Men's Tennis

Harvard Splits Spring Break Matches in California

The Harvard men’s tennis team has an energy issue, and it has nothing to do with global warming. When the

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Freshmen Hang Tough Against Tigers

n tennis, a game of inches and tiny angles, there are few venue changes more drastic or more game-altering than

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Michigan Outlasts Tough Crimson

It wasn’t a win, but at least it wasn’t Wednesday’s performance. Unlike the embarrassingly lackluster performance of its disappointing 5-2

Truth on Our Trays

As my house’s representative for the Harvard College Resource Efficiency Program (REP), you’d expect me to love the recently introduced

Men's Tennis

Tough Competition No Match For ‘Colonel’ Clayton

In the locker room, his teammates call him “The Colonel.” But given the way the Harvard men’s tennis team’s energetic