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Finding Rooms for Art

It’s the late 1970s, and the heroine of “Antony and Cleopatra” is not so much “onstage” as “afloat.” The legendary


Tomorrow evening, the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra (HRO) will open its bicentennial season. Over 100 musicians will play in the concert. Yet,

Senior Leads Eggers Fundraiser

Bestselling author Dave Eggers will share the stage with bands and other artistic luminaries tonight at the Berklee Performance Center

Hyperion Escapes Early Demise

Unlike star-crossed lovers and Danish princes seeking revenge, the recently resurrected Hyperion Shakespeare Company is getting a second chance after

Evil Is Just a Change of Scenery

In our society of bitter caricature, evil actions are only perpetrated by evil people—Saddam Hussein, death row murderers, and George

ARTSMONDAY: HRO Show Proves Pleasing

In their penultimate concert of the season, the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra presented a rousing rendition of two perennial favorites in Sanders

Grads Reveal Secrets From Within the ‘n+1’ Offices

The Lower East Side headquarters of the not-yet-three-year-old journal n+1 is perhaps not very different from many other rented Manhattan

Hyperion Players Struggle for Future

Few students enter Harvard without having read a Shakespearean play, but the number that has sat through live productions may

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...

All arts are not created equal. These days, if you want to be a successful artist, chances are you’ll want

Wørd Up: The Best of Colbert

In honor of Stephen Colbert’s visit to the Kennedy School of Government Institute of Politics (IOP) last Friday, The Crimson


'Blood' Runs at the Agassiz

The spirit of Nathaniel Hawthorne looms large over Harvard. Several classes are more or less centered around him, and few


“Lisey’s Story” by Stephen King Stephen King’s latest thriller has perhaps the most dreadfully dull cover ever conceived for a

Dawkins Says God Is Not Dead, But He Should Be

Are you a Christian? Are you a Muslim? Or perhaps you’re a Buddhist. Did you willingly decide to believe in

New Curator Named for Museums

Helen Molesworth was appointed as the first full curator of contemporary art of the Harvard University Art Museums in an

Farmers Advocate Fair Trade

Local farmers joined their counterparts from Africa and South America to advocate for fair trade last night at Emerson Hall.