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Unidentified Man Robs Thayer Room

Two residents of Thayer Hall reported that an unidentified male stole a laptop and a television from a room in

Scientists ‘Create’ Controversy

A recent paper published in the biology journal Proteomics, which invoked ideas of creationism with little supporting evidence for the

Indicted Student Granted Mobility

Anna L. Tang, the Wellesley College junior who allegedly stabbed her ex-boyfriend on Oct. 23 and is under house arrest,

Harvard Scientists Test Stem Cells in Fight Against Melanoma

Melanoma, a lethal human skin cancer, can be suppressed in mice by targeting cancer stem cells, according to a report

Student Caught Making Fake IDs

A Harvard undergraduate was caught producing fake state driver’s licenses and Harvard identification cards, including some that would have granted

Chimpanzees Don't Get Menopause, Study Finds

Chimpanzees, the species evolutionarily closest to humans, rarely experience menopause, according to an article published in the journal Current Biology

Testing Monkeys—for Jealousy

Steven Pinker, Jane Goodall and Richard Wrangham sit on the tenth floor of William James Hall munching on Froot Loops.

SCREENSHOTS: "Man of the Year"

Annoyed with the flagrant paper-wasting tactics of UC campaigns? Feel like exiting the Science Center has turned into a maze

Beta Carotene May Boost Brain

CORRECTION APPENDED The long-term use of beta carotene supplements—the chemical that gives carrots and sweet potatoes their orange color—may reduce