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BSO Daring, Dexterous, and Dynamic

If Felix Mendelssohn was the genre-defining master of Romanticism, Dmitri Shostakovich was the master of disguising acerbic expressions against the ...

Love It/Hate It: Timeline
For The Moment

Love It: Facebook Timeline

I’m getting the overwhelming feeling that people generally resent the Facebook Timeline. Take this comment made by an acquaintance of ...


Humane Fantasy in ‘Knock’

Israeli author Etgar Keret plays with fantasy in "Suddenly, a Knock on the Door," his latest collection of short stories.


BSO Masterfully Performs Brahms's 'Requiem'

The Boston Symphony Orchestra captured the piece's emotions with control and power. The orchestra will give its final performance of the piece tonight.


Russian Writer's Block Playlist

From the Arts Board, tips to help get you through that paper. Russia had its first influx of classical music in the Romantic period of the 1800s. Given the tourtured-artist motif that charactarized many Romantic writers and composers, including Tchaikovsky, it seems fitting to turn to the Russian repertoire as a response to crippling writer’s block. The somber and often harrowing moments of the music only add to the sublime, manic joy interspersed throughout the repertoire. The Arts Board hopes you enjoy indulging in Russian classical music while dealing with the the destabilizing mood of writer's block.


Sound Effect

Designing a concert hall with the best conditions for classical music remains as opaque as ever. Advances in modern science have mystified the process further.

Susie Y. Kim

Thoughts from Café Pamplona

I spend a stupid amount of time being nostalgic.


POPSCREEN: The Shins Get Resurrected

“Simple Song” explores death and showcases The Shins’ elegance


Houellebecq Fictionalizes Self in Artful Newest Novel

French writer Michel Houellebecq has inspired as much critical admiration and literary devotion as he has incited animosity and dispute.

Animals on Campus

Top 5 Reasons I’m Writing My Vanity List Two Days After It Was Supposed To Have Been Written

There is a sacred tradition among Arts Chairs of picking up articles and writing them during production—a full 48 hours ...


Bolaño’s 'Third Reich' Haunting, Brilliant, Prophetic

“The Third Reich,” itself exhibiting elements of the detective genre, should be viewed through the lens of a master detective: every sign is indicative of a narrative, and every detail further complicates the layers of complexity already present.


Chung Shines in Bold BSO Performance

The BSO coupled restraint with its trademark power to spellbinding effect.


Striking BSO Not Lost Without Levine

The BSO triumphs alongside Yo-Yo Ma despite its star conductor's resignation.


Cole's Poems Evoke Heartbreak Through Simplicity

Like the Gospel of Matthew, Henri Cole’s new collection of poems begins with a genealogy.


Weathering the Storm

If hallowed Cambridge bookstores disappear, then what will students and residents have lost?