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Physicists Wait for ‘Surprises’ of LHC

Public fanfare greeted the activation last year of the Large Hadron Collider, the massive particle accelerator that physicists hope will ...

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Swine Flu Research Takes Hold

As H1N1 continues to spread on campus, Harvard researchers have taken on important roles shaping the response to the swine

Engert Receives Tenure in MCB

Harvard neurobiologist Florian Engert—known for his work on neural behavior in zebrafish—was awarded tenure in July in the department of

An EAR For Psychology

After spending eight weeks at the University of Cambridge, Rui Wang ’11 has fine-tuned a third ear—one she hopes might

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Don't Touch That File

By the end of December, most high school seniors never want to see a copy of the Common Application again.

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Books Leave An Early Mark

CORRECTION APPENDED Children’s literature leaves a profound mark early in mental and social development and appeals strongly to adults’ “damaged

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Korean Rights Activist Speaks

On New Year’s Day in 2003, Mike Kim left his comfortable job as a financial planner in Chicago and traveled

Dalai Lama To Visit Harvard

The Dalai Lama will visit the Boston area at the end of April, and plans to spend two days at

HKS Profs Named Carnegie Scholars

Two Harvard Kennedy School professors will receive grants of up to $100,000 after being named 2009 Carnegie Scholars yesterday by

Sam Beer, Legendary Gov Prof, Dies at 97

Last year, when the Harvard government department organized a meeting for alumni, current professors were asked to give a presentation

HOLLIS Unveils New Search Interface

A trial version of the University Library’s new search interface was released last week, featuring improvements like a simpler search

Test Would Curb Drivers Asleep at the Wheel

Mandatory Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) tests for commercial truck drivers could reduce the risk of truck crashes that kill and

Crimson Alum Replaces Kristol

Former Crimson editorial columnist and Harvard Salient editor Ross G. Douthat ’02 will become a weekly Op-Ed columnist at The

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Students, Staff Protest Potential Layoffs

Over 150 workers, union activists, students, and faculty members gathered outside the Holyoke center yesterday to protest potential layoffs due