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Ladies Night is Sexist

Ladies’ nights are not a manifestation of women’s liberation


Chocolate Soja

We wanted what every traveler wants: to shed the dorky veneer of American-ness and dissolve easily, like sugar in coffee, ...


Under Your Umbrella

Umbrellas belong to a special class of items. They are vastly useful to everyone, but, unlike their size-specific cousin, the raincoat, they are not individualized.

Reckless Reporting is Inexcusable

“Steve is a fearless journalist,” stated James Hider , a Middle East correspondent for The New York Times, ab

Under Quarantine

CAIRO, Egypt — Being roused from your bed by the Egyptian Ministry of Health at 2 a.m. can never portend

15 Faculty Hot Shots: Jennifer Roberts

While Professor Jennifer L. Roberts works with artifacts hundreds of years old, she’s in no danger of gathering moss herself.

Confirm or Ignore?

“My mom friended me today.” Not words you expected to hear five years ago, or even five months ago. Recently,