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Real Estate

Peabody Terrace Complex Undergoing Renovations

After a controversy two years ago in which small concentrations of a toxic chemical were found in Harvard graduate student ...

River Run
House Life

Freshmen Carry On Housing Ritual

During last night’s “River Run," freshmen seemed to witness a hide-and-seek game.


Study: Recognition Of Faces Peaks at 30

Our ability to recognize faces improves as we age, according to a new study conducted by Harvard scientists and published online in the journal Cognition earlier this month.


Harvard Students Counter WBC with 'Absurdity'

Harvard undergraduates counter-protested against the Westboro Baptist Church in what was called a "Surprise Absurdity Protest."

House Life

Urban Outfitters Has Harvard Apparel

Do you want Harvard gear, but sick of the usual mark-ups on Harvard apparel? We hereby present a slew of seemingly Harvard related apparel for your amusement and benefit.


More Stars Found in Universe

300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000—that is the latest estimate of the number of stars in the universe.

Student Life

A Thankful Senior Class

This past Thanksgiving, our graduating seniors were given a little extra opportunity to give thanks.


Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Protest Hillel

Westboro Baptist Church is scheduled to return to Harvard to protest outside Harvard Hillel Friday morning.

Jazz it up

McBee, Bassist, Traces His Roots

Renowned jazz bassist Cecil McBee spoke about his creative and personal history during an informal conversation at the New College Theatre last Friday.

On Campus

Firesheep Exposes Web Security Concerns

Firesheep, a free plugin whose name is reminiscent of its host application Firefox, has generated considerable debate since its release on Oct. 24, potentially posing a privacy threat to Harvard’s users of social websites.


Former Leverett House Master Passes Away

Richard T. Gill ’48, an influential economist, late-blooming opera singer, and former Master of Leverett House, died on Oct. 25 ...

School of Public Health

Salt Intake Remains the Same

Contrary to expectations, the salt intake of Americans has remained consistent over the past five decades, according to a study conducted by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Gen Ed

New Course Emphasizes Objects

A 100-year-old Mexican corn tortilla, a 19th century American painter’s palette, and a stuffed Bengal tiger will count among objects undergraduates will study in a new General Education course University Professor Laurel T. Ulrich will teach this spring.

Student Life

HAA Announces Class Marshals for 2011

Better known to many of his peers as Burgerman, Samuel B. Novey ’11 will serve as first class marshal for the class of 2011, the Harvard Alumni Association announced today.