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In Salmiak Territory

When I bit into my first marble of salmiak, my tongue burned from the sharp saltiness and the back of my nose felt as if it had been struck by a mixture of fermented stingray meat and Windex.

A Night at the Station: A Timeline

I never intended to spend the night at Munich’s main train station, a sprawling structure that flows into a neighborhood of food stands, youth hostels, sex shops, strip clubs, and casinos.

Portrait of an Artist

Jill Sigman, a choreographer of modern dance, discusses movement, performance, and the body.

Novelist Harding Recalls Fighting to Write

“If I wanted to write,” Harding said, “I had to fight for it. So I just couldn’t be precious. I couldn’t flip my scarf and say, ‘The muse didn’t show up today.’ No ... I’m always writing in my brain.”

Shaolin Monk Shi Dezun Gives Life Advice

In the first of a series of lectures dedicated to the memory of Ilya Chalik ’11, Shaolin Master Monk Shi Dezun presented on how to live a fulfilling life through zen, martial arts, and medicine.