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SEAS Protest

Members of the “Church of Stop Shopping in NYC” led a protest against the project Robobees, which aimed to design robotic bees. Protestors felt the project was a “non-response” to the current decline in bee populations.

SEAS Dean Appointed To Advise Energy Secretary

Cherry A. Murray, Dean of Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences since 2009, has been appointed to the U.S. Secretary of Energy Advisory Board, the U.S. Department of Energy announced in August.

As SEAS Moves to Allston, Administrators Contemplate Schedule Changes

Administrators and faculty are poised to consider changes to the daily academic schedule following the announcement this February that Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences will move to Allston in as little as five years.

SEAS Affiliates Discuss Allston Campus Plans

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences affiliates shared their views on the design of SEAS’ new Allston campus with architectural consultants at an open house event Monday afternoon in the Maxwell Dworkin lobby.

CS Leads Concentration Growth in SEAS

The computer science concentration has nearly doubled in size in the last two years and continues to drive growth in Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, according to new data released by the SEAS Communications Office.

Lacking Space, SEAS Plans Allston Expansion

As the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences awaits its planned move across the river to Allston, the school is in search of short term solutions to immediate problems created by a lack of space.

Student Writes Book To Capture Professor's Wisdom

Eric C. Sinoway was startled by the possibility of losing a close friend and mentor. Sinoway began to record some of the lessons Stevenson had taught him and ultimately published a book in October 2012.

Professor Spotlight: Sasselov on Super-Earths

In his new book, “The Life of Super-Earths,” astronomy professor Dimitar D. Sasselov claims that a class of planets called Super-Earths may be our best chances for finding extraterrestrial life.