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Killer Caffeine?

Midterm season is upon us. As students are forced to run on two hours of sleep a night, proofreading papers and reviewing lecture notes, it's not news that many of us turn to caffeine for that extra boost. And we've gotten really creative when it comes to our favorite recreational drug, pounding back coffees, slurping energy drinks, and even popping the occasional caffeine pill. But even if 5-hour ENERGY does get our hearts racing, few students venture to assume that our caffeine intake could seriously harm us. As it turns out, the FDA is reportedly investigating five deaths linked to Monster energy drinks.

MemChurch Café

Tired of the same old cereal and stale bagels for breakfast? Stop by the porch of Memorial Church instead and grab some free coffee, yogurt, fruit, and pastries on your way to class on Wednesday mornings. MemChurch Café is a new weekly that Memorial Church is hosting every Wednesday from 9:00 to 10:15 a.m. for all members of the Harvard community. Whether or not you attended the service, anyone is welcome to stop by and enjoy the free food!

Don't Forget About BoardPlus

Still have all $65 of your BoardPlus money for this semester saved? Looks like it's a race against the clock to use up that free cash: BoardPlus money rolls over between semesters through the course of the academic year, but unused dollars expire at the end of the spring semester.

Remembering the Titanic

More than 1,500 people died on the ship. Although it's easy to get caught up in the love story of Jack and Rose, this tragedy affected many who are closer to us (and Harvard) than we might think.

Cambridge Named Number One City in New England

Fellow Cambridge residents, rejoice! According to, Cambridge's unbeatable air quality—ranked number one in Massachusetts—and its thriving culture and diversity earned our fair city the title of the number one city in New England. The report cites Cambridge's highest median income and lowest unemployment rate in Massachusetts as well as the statistic that 72.4 percent of Cambridge's adult population hold a bachelor's degree or higher. Also, according to MSNBC, Cambridge is the most walkable city in the country, thanks to the beautiful architecture, which ranges from the modern skyline around MIT to the historic ivy walls of Harvard Square.

China Care Carnival Raises Funds for Orphan's Surgery

Children enjoyed activities like origami, calligraphy, and dragon face paint at a carnival on Sunday, intended to bring adopted Chinese children in the U.S. together for a day of fun while raising money to help a boy in a Chinese orphanage.