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"The Sellout."

'The Sellout' a Must Buy

Beatty’s is an excoriating satire that manages to address contemporary issues with a fascinating blend of recklessness, sensitivity, tenderness, and humor—an appropriately complex mélange of sentiments and tones.


Remake a "RoboCop"-Out

While it has some weaknesses in plotting and pacing, José Padilha’s “RoboCop” remake is a decent action flick that makes a respectable effort to take the RoboCop concept in new directions.


MFA Spotlights Decorative Arts

The diversity of the works is by showing the interesting effects that can be achieved by manipulating these traditional media. Traditional bamboo creations typically involve strands of bamboo woven together to create a solid structure, but Yamaguchi Ryuun’s "Fire" ingeniously leaves multiple strands of bamboo unbound in order to give the bamboo the appearance of a flickering flame. This and other works in the exhibition show how divergence from longstanding techniques can be used to create unique and captivating effects.


'The Last Stand' Stumbles Over Writing

Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a not-very-triumphant return to the world of film in "The Last Stand," as the moments of action are overshadowed by clumsy writing.


Sky Falls. Bond Franchise Okay.

Relatively insubstantial flaws do not prevent "Skyfall" from demonstrating that with some more modern trappings, a stellar cast, James Bond still has quite a bit to offer.

Visual Arts

The In Crowd

Gallery owners seek to represent artists in the best light possible, not only to make a sale but to help them succeed after their collection leaves the gallery.


Naturalistic Prose Enlivens ‘San Miguel’

“Does life go on? It does,” T. C. Boyle writes in his latest novel “San Miguel.” This simple truth unites two families in Boyle’s fictionalized world of San Miguel, an island off the coast of California.


Lecture Highlights History of Harvard Women

Members of the Harvard community gathered on Monday afternoon to discuss the University’s evolving relationship with female affiliates throughout the course of its history during the Dean’s Lecture on the History of Women at Harvard, delivered by former Radcliffe Fellow Helen H. Horowitz.


‘The Deep Blue Sea’ Shines with Strong Acting

Ultimately, nuanced and captivating performances by other members of the cast save this solid film and provide a fitting homage to the memory of Rattigan.


Fellow Discusses Hip-Hop

Hip-hop music played a central role in the formation of a cohesive Afro-Brazilian identity, Jaqueline L. Santos contended in a presentation of her research on the rise of the genre in Sao Paulo, Brazil as part of the W.E.B. DuBois Institute’s Spring Colloquium Series on Wednesday.



David Mamet's "Oleanna" is coming to the Winthrop House Library next week.

Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra
On Campus

HRO’s ‘Tosca’ a Triumph

Despite a few issues of tone and sound balance, the concert was a resonding success due to the interplay between the singers and orchestra.