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Oliver W. Kim

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Beyond HeforShe

If a campaign explicitly designed to tackle gender inequities can falter in its own mission, then no one is immune. Only through honest discussion and thoughtful critique can we hope to expose our own missteps and prejudices.

The End of Economics

Like many good ideas, Keynes’s utopian view was wrong but perceptive.

Homo Economicus For President

To their credit, all the presidential tickets have tackled serious financial issues in their campaign platforms. But there has been disappointingly little use of economic reasoning this election season.

Love and the Dismal Science

What makes romantic love worthwhile is its inexplicability. Love is not rational, and so it cannot be reduced to the bloodless equations of utility maximization. In the realm of romance, Homo Economicus—the author, not the concept—will freely admit that he is a sucker.

Secular Stagnation

A sterile term like “secular stagnation” could strike fear only into the heart of an economist. But it could be the malaise that defines the economic prospects of our generation.