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The Opportunity to Stop Exploring

The week before plans of study were due, these maybes spiraled into an internal monologue of doubts. How is this all going to fit into two and half years? Isn’t a joint concentration just a half-qualified version of each? Who would hire someone with such impractical interests? How am I expecting to join two different fields in one thesis if I can’t even figure out how to work the online student portal?


Treating in Tongues

The inability to communicate in a high-stress, high-stakes situation renders you stricken and powerless in a unique and terrifying way.


Don't Ask, Don't Tell

However, banning these videos has the potential to cover up cases of unethical treatment of animals, and let the problem go unnoticed.


Knowledge Is Power: Using KIPP Study to America’s Advantage

Their aim is to prepare their students to overcome societal disadvantage to reach and succeed in college. And it seems to be working: KIPP students consistently score better on standardized tests than students from surrounding schools, and over 80 percent of students who completed 8th grade at KIPP have later gone on to college.

Visual Arts

Portrait of an Artist: James Casebere

When looking at James E. Casebere’s work for the first time, one is immediately struck by a sense of puzzlement.