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Harvard Policies on Medical Marijuana To Remain Unchanged

Despite the legalization of medical marijuana in Massachusetts at the beginning of 2014, Harvard will not be altering its drug prohibition policies on campus to make an exception for medical marijuana.

Polling Experts Predict Early Lead for Clinton in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton leads among potential candidates in the Democratic primary race at unprecedented levels, while Republicans remain split between their party's possible candidates, according to polling firm Purple Strategies.

You Could Still Do Worse: A Follow Up Interview with Clark and Mayopoulos

Following an unprecedented series of events culminating with joke ticket candidates Samuel B. Clark ’15 and Gus A. Mayopoulos ’15 winning and immediately announcing plans for resignation from the positions of Undergraduate Council president and vice president, Flyby returns with another interview with these two rising politicians.

Hillel Leaders Seek To Open Discourse as Policy Bars Speaker

A perennial issue faced by Harvard Hillel reemerged in anticipation of the November 11 visit of Avraham Burg, a prominent Israeli author, politician, and activist.

You Could Do Worse: An Interview with UC President and Vice President Candidates Clark and Mayopoulos

Samuel B. Clark ’15 and Gus A. Mayopoulos ’15 promise a new era of leadership and ambition, fueled by an unorthodox approach that threatens to challenge our notions of student-led politics. Here they are, in their own words.

Clark and Mayopoulos Bring Soup to the UC Table

Centered on the promises of tomato basil ravioli soup served daily in the dining halls, thicker toilet paper for all, and “divesting from gender neutral weekend shuttles,” the campaign seeks to usher in a new approach to UC leadership.

Government Trans Fat Ban Highlights Previous Harvard, Cambridge Efforts

Recent government-proposed action to ban trans fats has highlighted over a decade of work by the HSPH, HUDS, and the City of Cambridge to promote community well-being through early elimination of the ingredient.

Bow St. Dunkin' Donuts To Relocate

The Dunkin’ Donuts currently located at 1 Bow. St. will move its storefront a third of a mile eastward to 1003 Mass. Ave. within the next three months, franchise owner David G. Carvalho told The Crimson Thursday night.

Harvard Affiliates Reflect on, Respond to Government Reopening

In the wake of the government’s reopening after a 16-day shutdown, affected Harvard affiliates have begun their gradual return to normalcy, though some expressed concerns that the impact will not be fully curtailed in the immediate future.