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Summer Music Breakdown

Crimson Arts breaks down summer's standout singles and albums.

Ivory Tower

'Ivory Tower' Educational

Directed and produced by Andrew R. Rossi HLS ’98, CNN documentary "Ivory Tower" examines elements of the American higher education system at all levels: college infrastructure, student attitudes, and domestic political and economic trends in the United States.

On Campus

Concentric Rings in Magnetic Levitation

“Concentric Rings in Magnetic Levitation” consists of 13 “rings” of sound focused about a central core. The rings themselves draw from a wide variety of sounds, including sine tones, a piano, percussion, and found objects, all presented in a periodic manner.


'Citizenfour' Explores Snowden

Despite its weaknesses, “Citizenfour” shows that Edward Snowden is a real human being and polarizes the viewer’s opinion of him. While not one of the most well-made documentaries of this decade, it is perhaps the most important and iconic one of our time.

On Campus

BPO Delivers on Lengthy Program

The concert was part of the BPO’s “Discovery” series, in which Zander gives a presentation prior to directing each work.


Swift Shines Brightest on Latest

Taylor Swift’s transition into a bona fide pop artist has been years in the making, and her metamorphosis is finally complete. “1989” is the result, and it’s arguably Swift’s best record to date.

On Campus

Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Biss

World-renowned pianist Jonathan Biss, a teacher at the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music, will deliver a master class at Harvard on Oct. 30.

Reunion Cover

A Realistic and Raw 'Reunion'

The premise of Hannah Pittard’s novel “Reunion” seems quite unremarkable at first glance: three siblings are brought together by their father’s suicide, and family drama ensues. In reality, the book is far more complex than one would expect.

On Campus

Artist Spotlight: Daniel Chong, The Parker Quartet

The Parker Quartet will present its first concert as Blodgett Artists-in-Residence on Friday, Sept. 26 at 8 p.m. in the John Knowles Paine Concert Hall.