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Ignacio is the News Comp Director for the 144th guard. He can be reached at

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Civil Rights Activist Honored for Service

Moses was honored for his extensive work as the leader of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee during the height of the American civil rights movement.

 English Department

5 Conflicting Tips for Picking Your Concentration

What better way is there to procrastinate making the decision that may determine your entire financial career than by reading tips on how to make said decision? Here’s Flyby’s list of (sometimes conflicting) tips for choosing your concentration.

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Student Life

Red Bull Will Finance Your Sugar High

See, all those vodka red bulls were a good idea after all.

Shake it

Nigerian Independence Day Feted at Gala

More than one hundred people attended a colorful gala, hosted by the Nigerian Students Association, on Saturday night at Wasserstein Hall.

Higher Education

Illinois Dean Lectures on Literacy of African-American Boys

Alfred W. Tatum, dean of the University of Illinois at Chicago’s college of education, gave a lecture Thursday outlining some possible approaches to improving the reading and writing skills of African-American boys.

Visual Arts

Veteran Photographer Highlights Nepal in CGIS Exhibit

Documentary photographer Kevin Bubriski told the story of Nepal in photos Thursday, explaining how Nepalese culture has evolved since the 1970.