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Luminós/C/ity.Ordinary Joy

Last month saw the opening of the Ethelbert Cooper Gallery at the Hutchins Center, the first museum on Harvard’s campus dedicated solely to African and African American art. The inagural exhibition, creatively entitled Luminós/C/ity.Ordinary Joy, seeks to capture the multifaceted components that make up African city life through modern art. Equipped only with the knowledge of this title—which itself, I have to admit, wasn’t especially descriptive—I decided it was time to check out the new installation, located next to Peet’s Coffee in Harvard Square.

Turning Tricks: Harvard's Magic Society

Try talking over the sound of 10 stacks of cards being expertly shuffled around a cozy Sever conference room: This is the frequent struggle of the Harvard Magic Society during their weekly meetings. The small club is composed of about 10 members who fit comfortably at a round table, where they discuss, learn, and perform the ancient art of magic.

Get Out: Harvard Groups and Their Retreats Into Nature

Skis and skates are strewn all over the weathered floor. Maps of the world and photographs that seem to be ripped straight from the pages of National Geographic line the paneled walls. There are no beds, but sleeping bags stack all the way to the ceiling. Crowded cabinets and bookshelves are counterbalanced by a random array of plush chairs and couches. This is not a wood cabin settled in the snowy mountains of Utah: nestled within the brick walls of Adams House, this is the office of the Harvard Outing Club.