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Scene and Heard: Harvard Art Museums Opening

We are not at a gallery in New York. We are at the student opening of the newly renovated Harvard Art Museums. Whoever is in charge of the event has gone all out. An art museum employee clips on a cleverly crafted paper bow adorned with Harvard H's as we enter. Swirly dance music pulses. I ask a caterer what the vision was for the event.

Bad Trend Alert: Slacklining

Even if you don’t consider yourself a well-informed person, it won’t surprise you to hear that the world’s not doing so hot. Disregard the global economy and ponder this: America’s future leaders have opted out of reality and turned into slackers. By slackers, I mean those who practice slacklining, i.e. the new Spikeball.

Ph.D. Playlist

You have an Avicii fixation. Your hipster friends only listen to the latest in Albanian folk metal. Who should be repenting and who should be rocking out? FM spoke to three professors to settle the score: John T. Hamilton, creator of “Frameworks: The Art of Listening,” Vijay Iyer, a jazz composer, pianist, and 2013 MacArthur Genius Grant recipient, and Hans Tutschku, an electro-acoustic composer.