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Derek G. Xiao is the President of the 145th guard of The Harvard Crimson. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @derekgxiao.

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David Friedrich

Students Give Mixed Reviews to Revised Travel Grant Program

With last school year’s increase of $30,000 in funding for domestic student group travel, some club leaders say that travel grant funding levels are still insufficient, while others praise the increased focus on safety.

Debating Political Correctness

Students Debate Merits, Pitfalls of Political Correctness

​In light of a contentious year on college campuses across the nation, a small crowd of a hundred students gathered Tuesday evening to watch four of their peers debate the merits and pitfalls of political correctness and “PC culture.”

Club Postering
Student Groups

Students Brave Winter Chill to Claim Poster Space in the Yard

Dressed in their thickest winter coats with their breath visible in the morning air, a crowd of students eagerly gather in the Yard every Monday and Thursday morning as they wait for Facilities Maintenance Operations to clear the boards of last week's posters.


Former Judge Recounts Fight Against Guatemalan Corruption

Claudia Escobar, a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study led a movement for judicial independence by forming a legal opinion on the Guatemalan election process.

Yenching Closes
Student Life

Yenching Shutters Doors After 40 Years

Loyal customers were shocked and saddened by the sudden closing on Sunday evening of Yenching restaurant, a Szechuan-style Chinese eatery that has been a staple of Harvard Square for decades.

Loeb Fellowship Lecture by Caledonia Curry
Graduate School of Design

Artist Talks Artistic Resistance for Loeb Fellowship Anniversary

Urban artist and activist Caledonia Curry—better known by her artist name "Swoon”—opened the Loeb Fellowship 45th anniversary and alumni weekend.

W.E.B. Du Bois Medal Ceremony

Nas and Eric Holder Honored With W.E.B. Du Bois Medal

Harvard presents the medals annually to individuals in recognition of extraordinary contributions to African American culture and the “life of the mind.”

Terry Fox Run

Runners Honor Terry Fox in Second Annual Event

​More than 100 runners gathered in front of Newell Boathouse on Sunday to commemorate Canadian marathoner and cancer research activist Terry Fox.

On Campus

Professor Lectures on Rate of Rising Sea Levels

Geophysics professor Jerry X. Mitrovica’s lecture was part of a series lectures presented by the Harvard Museums of Science and Culture this fall.