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Laszlo B. Herwitz is a Senior Story Editor for the 145th guard. He can be reached at

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McNamara at Harvard

Harvard's Anti-War Protests Intensified

Anti-war student activists clashed with politicians and University administrators as the nation grappled with one of the most controversial wars in the country’s history.

HUPD at Quad Formal

During Deadline-Packed Reading Period, Students Take House Formals

​With the end of classes, many Harvard undergraduates have traded textbooks for tuxedos for the beginning of a time-honored tradition that doesn’t involving cramming: House formal season.

Tiesto at Yardfest
Flyby Blog

Tiësto Is Headlining Yardfest

Well, we finally know who this year's Yardfest headliner is. Hint: it's neither the Chainsmokers nor Carly Rae Jepsen.

Quincy Stone Hall Flag
House Life

Quincy House

Quincy House boasts a convenient location and a stellar House Grille. Here's everything you need to know about this much sought-after house.

Rebecca Chen
Flyby Blog

We Sat Down with the Brains Behind the Harvard Meme Page

We sat down with the creator of the Harvard Meme page and chatted about the group's meteoric rise to fame.

Student Groups

Marathon Challenge To Raise Money for PBHA

​Braving the freezing winter, a group of Harvard undergraduates are running this coming April’s Boston Marathon to raise money for the Phillips Brooks House Association’s Summer Urban Program.

New CVS Store Open
Flyby Blog

What Your Late Night CVS Purchase Says About You

Which CVS you choose to frequent and what you choose to buy—from munchies to medicine—can indicate a lot about your impulse-control, maturity, and overall life choices.

Harvard in the City

Final Verdict on Curious George Store Delayed Again

The Cambridge City Historical Commission did not reach a final decision last Friday on whether to approve renovation plans for the historic Abbott Building in Harvard Square, after a previous iteration of developer Equity One’s plans was rejected by the Commission for being too disruptive to the surrounding neighborhood.

Crimson Crossfire Debate

Two Things Our Dear Politicians Could Learn from the UC

Our politicians in Washington D.C have some things they could stand to learn from the four tickets running for president and vice president of the Undergraduate Council.


HoCos Plan Neighborhood Harvard-Yale Tailgates

With the annual Harvard-Yale football game approaching, House Committees have partnered with the Office of Student Life and the Undergraduate Council to organize upperclassman House neighborhood tailgates.


How To Bounce Back from Bad Midterms

Even if you end up leaving that Monday morning midterm defeated, stressed out, and on the verge of tears, take solace in the fact that your college career is not over - Flyby has some advice for those who might not have done as well as they hoped on the midterm (and we’re serious).

slightly slumped
Flyby Blog

slightly slumped

On a scale of one to This Guy, where do you fall?

Barker Center Cafe
Student Life

Do You Like it Grilled?: Our Barker Cafe Ranking

​With the tragic closure of Greenhouse Cafe last spring, Harvard students are on the hunt for another venue where they can satiate their appetites in between classes. Because we’re just as desperate for a new place to waste our board plus, Flyby sampled the fare at the Barker Center cafe.

Neil L. Rudenstine

Help Wanted: The 1990 Search for a New Harvard President

Secret and oft-turbulent deliberations yielded a result that surprised many so-called “Harvard insiders.” The presidential search committee selected former Harvard and Princeton professor Neil L. Rudenstine, a later addition to the list of candidates and a figure largely unknown to those outside of the elite academic circles of the Ivy League.

Gov. William F. Weld

​Political Theater: William F. Weld ’66

Before William F. Weld '66 became a two-term governor of Massachusetts, and the 2016 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, he was better known to his friends as “Bill,” the clever undergraduate with a biting sense of humor.