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Hotel Glowtel Holiday Inn

House Committees Receive College Funding to Throw Open Parties

In recent weeks, Leverett, Lowell, and Pforzheimer Houses have each hosted their own parties, open to all undergraduates and free of charge.

 Harvard Law Clinic

Law School Team Helps Nuclear Disarmament Campaign Win Nobel Prize

The team of six provided legal advice as the group negotiated an unprecedented disarmament treaty.

UC Meeting 10/2

UC Funds Mental Health Event Through GOHC

For the first time, the Undergraduate Council will provide funds to directly help bring a speaker to campus.

Wall of Dreams

10,000 Dreams

​“Would you like to share your dreams today?” A waiter greeted me as I stepped into the tiny restaurant. A couple of friends and I had Ubered over to Porter Square’s hole-in-the-wall ramen restaraunt, Yume Wo Katare.

Nick Offerman Player of the Year 2015

Scene and Heard: Nick Offerman

​It’s 10:30 a.m. on Friday, December 4th, and the Science Center is already mobbed. People sit on fold-up chairs and on the ground. Others lean against the wall. The crowd was for entrance to the IGP’s annual “Player of The Year” show, featuring special guest Nick Offerman.

Ball Square Cafe
Flyby Blog

Ball Square Cafe

Ball Square Cafe 2
Flyby Blog

Ball Square Cafe 2

The coconut macaroon French Toast we cannot stop dreaming about.

Ball Square Cafe
Food and Drink

Sunday Brunch at Ball Square Café

Ball Square Café fits the bill. A small, local café in Somerville, it boasts huge portions, great service, and homestyle cooking.

Inner Tube Water Pool Tournament
House Life

Intramural Inner Tube Water Polo Tournament

The crowd is roaring, the score is tied, and spectators wait with bated breath on the edge of their seats. Just kidding.

Around Town

Boston Book Festival

This is the Boston Book Festival. Obviously, Boston likes to read—the place is packed. Festival-goers fall neatly into two categories. The first is a subset of curious tourists, whose confusion suggests that they may have happened upon the festival by chance. The second is a horde of eclectic book-lovers, easy to pick out of the crowd thanks to their tortoise-shell glasses, strange piercings, colored hair, and beanies. Some rush through the square, clutching armloads of books and scanning for more. Others linger.


Best Busts: Annenberg Edition

Hey, get your mind out of the gutter! It’s not what you’re thinking. The busts we’re talking about are the ones mounted on the walls of Annenberg. As freshmen, rarely do we look up from our heaping piles of curly fries and carnival cookies to notice the many stern men staring down at us. Covering almost every inch of Annenberg’s walls, these devilishly handsome fellows are forever immortalized in smooth marble. While their busts are accompanied by a gold plaque detailing their major accomplishments and contributions to the University, we know you’ll never actually get around to reading them. Let us be your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Harvard’s elite.