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Cambridge City Hall

A Cleaner Sweep

Climate change often feels like a hopelessly insurmountable problem. Yet when we start small, we can build a measurably greener and cleaner city — and perhaps world.

UC Meeting on HCFA

The UC Should Vote For Accountability, Not Against It

In a vote this week, the majority of our student representatives voted to prevent us from knowing how they choose to represent us.


The Right Way to Address Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The University should be applauded for the actions it has taken to address these allegations of Heaton’s solicitation and distribution of nude pictures.

Shopping Week

Keeping Shopping Week Analog

If Harvard wishes to maintain its commitment to the liberal arts, it should first and foremost reaffirm its commitment to shopping week.

Say Cheese

Beating Yale at Event Management

Harvard should accept student demands for a tailgate to be held outside Harvard Stadium as has been done in previous years.

HUDS Lunch Schedule

More Can Be Done To Accommodate Lunch

Ultimately, we ask that as Harvard moves forward in instituting changes that affect the lives of its students, it thinks about these changes in a holistic manner rather than as isolated updates.


Director Barreira, Release the Health Survey Results

We disagree with the decision to delay publication of the survey results and call on the University to release the data.

Grad Student Unionization Debate

Harvard Should Improve Graduate Students' Quality of Life

The University should use its vast resources to implement much-needed cost of living adjustments and other benefits for its graduate students.

Cultural Social Groups

The Cultural Greek Life Dilemma

Harvard needs to make some type of decision. It should either accept cultural social groups as they are, or sanction them as single-gender social groups.

Lowell House

Harvard Should Use Capital Campaign Funds Conservatively

The new federal endowment tax and the threat of an even more burdensome state one necessitate that the University proceed with fiscal caution.

The Fox Club

Lessons from JFK St.

The Fox Club's decision to remain all-male speaks volumes about the perception of the sanctions.


Harvard Should Tread Cautiously With Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh’s alleged misconduct may be a national story, but it is one eerily reminiscent of our own campus culture.

General Lee

Fumbling The Game

We urge Harvard to take action to ensure that The Game remains a source of stress relief, rather than additional headaches.

Jay Gonzalez

Endowment Tax Proposal Represents New Attack on Harvard, Higher Ed

Perhaps the greatest consequence the proposed endowment tax has on society is its casual dismissal of the important work universities do to change the world for the better.

HCFA Building

After Defining 'Probation,' Harvard Should Clarify Expectations

While the College is making efforts to hold groups to community norms, it has yet to satisfactorily articulate and disseminate what those norms are.