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Hansy D. Piou

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All Liberalism and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

The left needs a new image for today’s culture wars, beyond just re-articulating and broadening already held values.


Lines in the Szechuan Sauce

By making an argument which many Trump supporters view as hysteric, Eminem’s attempt to draw a line between these two identities may have backfired, causing some to reject him instead.


DWB: Debating While Black

My racial identity is defined by neither black marginalization nor black triumph.

Op Eds

Culture Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

With the culture wars reset and reignited, the question remains: what is pop culture’s role?


Did It For the Vine

Vine’s less recognized role as a social network is what should be praised most of all.


The Wicked and the Diverse

However, what happens if the range of identities presented in a work is so wide that you can’t find your own?


Popular Art and Personal Touchstones

Great popular art speaks to us because it illustrates the current zeitgeist, but personal art speaks to us because it illuminates our own experience.


This Game, This Life, That Dragon

Rather than despairing at what they—and, by extension what we—ultimately couldn’t control, Ryan and Amy chose instead to focus on enjoying the moments when control was irrelevant.