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Allison P. Yan

Allison P. Yan '19 is an Associate Editorial Editor and Blog Writer living in Quincy House. She studies Human Evolutionary Biology and calls Cincinnati, OH home. Her interests include the intersection of race and gender issues, mental health on campus, and the Boston food scene.

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Tatte: yummmmm
Square Business

Tatte: yummmmm


Tatte, standing proudly above other prestigious coffee chains.
Square Business

Tatte: Why I Took Out Student Loans

Tatte, we’re so glad you’re here. Perfect timing with the opening, too. With an indefinitely long HUDS strike imminent and frozen food as our likely only offered option, you can bet on a flood of Harvard students coming your way.

spin class
Harvard in the City

Can You Handle The Handle Bar?

Until this Saturday, The Handle Bar is offering free classes to walk-in customers who show a valid student ID. Basically, all of Harvard could go to a legitimate spin class for free. We here at Flyby decided to check it out and document the six stages of stages of spinning misery (and triumph).

Thinking Spring
Flyby Blog

Spring has Sprung: A Flyby Ode

These breezy warm temperatures are a warmly welcomed shift from the random cold spell that hit Cambridge just a few weeks prior, and we at Flyby are not complaining.

You hate to see it
Flyby Blog

How To Spend Your Time Once You’ve Run Out of Tinder Swipes

​Just when you thought midterm season couldn’t get any worse, you run out of Tinder swipes. Now you’re stuck in Lamont with your thirst -- errr, ambition -- levels high. Fear not, for Flyby has you covered, with options of what to do when you run out of Tinder swipes.

Flyby Blog

Flyby's Spring Break Reading List

As Harvard students, we’re expected to have a very sophisticated taste in literature. Unfortunately, Expos doesn’t give us much in terms of quality reading,unless watching Mean Girls to procrastinate counts as educational. To make your family think you’re actually learning at this premier academic institution, here are some books that you’ll enjoy reading and can talk about in front of your grandparents—sorry, that means 50 Shades is out.