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The Annual Meeting of the Harvard Alumni Association
Central Administration

Board of Overseers Candidates Announced

Those elected will replace outgoing members Scott A. Abell ’72, James E. Johnson, Tracy P. Palandjian ’93, Swati A. Piramal, and Kathryn A. Taylor.

Endowment Returns FY 2017

Harvard to Pay 'Unprecedented' Endowment Tax

An endowment tax like the one included in Congress's new tax plan—passed Wednesday—would likely have cost Harvard $43 million in fiscal year 2017.

HLS Library
Harvard Law School

Law School Student Leaders Pledge to Improve Campus Mental Health

The letter criticizes the “damaging” popular culture stereotype about law school—that it must be a “grueling and overwhelming ordeal to adequately prepare students for legal practice.”

Karen Gordon Mills
Drew Faust

Karen Gordon Mills '75

Karen Gordon Mills ’75 is poised to seek a candidate who best marries the various responsibilities of the modern Harvard presidency, friends and colleagues say.

To Serve Better Thy Country

Faust Lobbies Against GOP Tax Bill in D.C.

Faust made the rounds in Washington to argue “forcefully” against a Republican tax plan that would create significant financial burdens for the University and its affiliates.

Faust at Baccalaureate

Faust Speaks on Education Gap in D.C.

The event featured remarks from U.S. Representative John R. Lewis and took place at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Harvard Law School

Chief Justice Roberts Returns to Law School for Moot Court Final

​U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts ’76 returned to the Law School Tuesday night to preside over the final round of the Ames Moot Court Competition.

HLS Library
Harvard Law School

Law School Establishes New Advising, Mentoring Programs

The Law School is expanding its advising and mentoring programs four months after some called for more advising opportunities on campus.

John F. Manning
Harvard Law School

​A Dean for the Third Century

It will fall to John F. Manning '82, a textualist who clerked for former Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonin G. Scalia, to lead a school not known for its modesty.

Harvard Law School Admissions
Harvard Law School

Law School Raises $365 Million in Capital Campaign

Since its launch in 2015, Harvard Law School has raised $365 million for its capital campaign.

Law School Gavels
Harvard Law School

Report Criticizes Law School’s Alleged Corporate Focus

Five-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader said the Law School is "not addressing the broader need around the country for legal services.”

HLS Library
Harvard Law School

Law School Bicentennial Hosts Senators and Other Notable Alums

Five U.S. senators, former U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch ’81, and federal judge Merrick B. Garland ’74 joined six Supreme Court Justices at Harvard Law School this weekend.

HLS in the World
Harvard Law School

Six Supreme Court Justices Speak at Law School Bicentennial

The one former and five current Justices, including Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. ’76 and former Law School dean Elena Kagan, all attended the Law School as students and returned for the evening.

Harvard Business School

Business School Administrator Announces Candidacy for State Senate

Business school administrator Margaret W. Busse has announced her candidacy for Mass. state Senate as a Republican.

Austin Hall
Harvard Law School

Law School Student Leadership Plans Mental Health Initiatives

The Harvard Law School student government will conduct a mental health survey in early November as part of a broader effort to address mental health issues on campus.