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Benjamin D. Senzer

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Ben Senzer Doesn't Talk to Strangers

Don't Talk to Strangers

I would draw the literal shortest straw and my mother would ask for another one on my behalf, as long as it meant I didn’t have to risk slurring my words in front of someone who frankly couldn’t care less.

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Undergraduate Council

Retrospection: The UC's First Steps

“We, the undergraduates of Harvard College, are an important part of the University community, and are therefore entitled to an active role in deciding its policies and priorities,” it begins.

Grey Book

Fifty Shades of Grey: Perspectives on the Harvard Grey Book

The Grey Book is a written set of guidelines detailing the complex code of conduct expected of all professors at the University.

Matthew Meselson

Life of Discovery: A Conversation with Matthew S. Meselson

Matthew S. Meselson's past work includes some of the most celebrated advancements in the history of biological research.

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Undergraduate Council

FM Imagines: The Presidential Candidates Run for UC

FM imagines what the UC campaigns would look like if the current presidential candidates were on the ballot.