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Lydia L. Cawley

Lydia L. Cawley '20 is the Blog Chair for the 145th Guard. She is a joint concentrator in Classics and Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations living in Adams House.

Crimson staff writer Lydia L. Cawley can be reached at

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Comp Flyby
Flyby Blog

Fall Comp, Made Simple

Comping things at Harvard does not have to be difficult. Just follow this handy flowchart.

Flyby Blog

Have Spotify Premium? Now You Have Hulu as Well

You need to know about this deal.

my.Harvard courses

The Most Savage Q-Guide Comments of 2017

They wrote, we annotated: the most savage Q-Guide comments of 2017.

In/Out May
Flyby Blog

In/Out May

May is just around the corner.

In/Out May
Flyby Blog

In, Out: May and April

May is right around the corner. Here are some of the things to expect.

Q Guide Evaluation

Q Guide Evaluation

*Cracks knuckles* *Pops cork*

Final Clubs

Alternative Punch Events for the 21st Century Final Club

Apparently, the Delphic Club ordered strippers for a punch event back in 2010. In case they're looking for more PG13 punch event activities, we've got three that are bound to keep the party roaring.

Border Cafe
Food and Drink

Harvard Square's Best Gluten-Free Eats

Eating gluten-free can be hard, but with this list, you'll be able to be both gluttonous and gluten free!

Smoking Weed
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How to Hypothetically Celebrate Boston's First Legal 4/20

Happy 4/20, Harvard!

Playlist Cover

Playlist Cover

Check out Flyby's new Spotify account!

Mark Zuckerberg 2004

Harvard Dropout to Give Address to Harvard Graduates

Mark Zuckerberg was named as Harvard's Commencement Speaker this year. Looks like he'll finally get to experience a real Harvard graduation.

Dunster Grille
Harvard Square

Where to Fuel Your River Run

The only thing more iconic than completing River Run is completing River Run without yacking.

Gold Coast Gate

Adams House

Adams House is perhaps the bougiest house. But there are some very positive aspects about the house that overshadow its typical Harvard vibe.

River Run
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'Twas the Night Before Housing Day

‘Twas the night before Housing Day, and all through the square...

rakesh and rihanna

rakesh and rihanna