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‘Maria by Callas’ still

‘Maria by Callas’ a Humanizing Portrait of a Diva

Throughout her illustrious career, Callas was as beloved as she was excoriated for not being perfect, for missteps that probably wouldn’t ensnare a man of the same stature.

‘El Angel’ Still

‘El Ángel’ Is Devilishly Tantalizing, But That’s All

“El Ángel” is ultimately a bland rehashing of the bare-bones, empirical events of Puch’s career, as Ortega, in favor of obsessive aestheticization, papers over details that demand creative dramatization.

'Mid90s' review still

‘Mid90s’ Falls Short of Its Potential

Jonah Hill is like that one rare high school teacher who vibes with his students in a strangely fraternal way, which is to say that he understands teenagers.

30 Rock
Arts Blog

Top 5 ‘30 Rock’ Episodes, Curated by a Proudly Biased Superfan

Each "30 Rock" episode is a whirlwind, a screwball adventure packed with wisecracks that’ll whiz by if you don’t pay careful attention.

Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada" Trailer
Arts Blog

Career Overview: Aline Brosh McKenna '89

Happy endings by screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna ’89 are particularly satisfying in that they are both generous and understated.


Hank Green Talks New Stardom On ‘An Absolutely Remarkable Thing’ Book Tour

“We’ve been watching them ever since eighth grade...and we just kind of grew up with them,” said one attendee of the Hank Green event.


The 2018 Emmys Manages to be Fitfully Amusing

The tone of the night modulated unpredictably from bland to perfectly, spontaneously sentimental, to slightly zany and affectatious, in no particular order.

Fall TV

Extend Your Antennae: Watch Out for These Fall TV Premieres

The best part about fall is clearly the massive slate of new shows! Here are five of the best new and returning shows.

Gemma Chan

'Crazy Rich Asians' Stars on How the Film 'Transcends Race'

"‘Oh, are they good Asians or bad Asians?’ How about, are we good filmmakers or bad filmmakers? Good actors or bad actors?” Claire N. Park sits down with cast and crew of Crazy Rich Asians.

Sofia Coppola at the Harvard Film Archive

A Conversation with Sofia Coppola on “The Beguiled” at the Harvard Film Archive

“I wanted to give these women a fair voice,” Sofia Coppola said.

"Little Pink House" still

‘Little Pink House’ is a Gift of a Story in Dull Packaging

With a little more concentrated emotional floridity, Balaker could have hit the sweet spot between mawkishly sentimental and tediously informative.


Professor Max Bohnenkamp Remarks on Censorship and Traumatic History in 'To Live'

“The challenge to the viewer, and the responsibility to shoulder, for the privilege of getting to see a censored film, is to try to do something constructive and good after seeing it."

'Ramen Heads' still

‘Ramen Heads’ a Mostly Delectable Helping

Ramen chefs, poised mere feet away from their customers, are generous stewards of a hallowed, religiously meditative experience

'The Feels' still

‘The Feels’ Unfortunately Unfeeling

“The Feels” hashes out Lu’s orgasm issue and all its attendant compatibility questions too easily at the end, in a way that undermines the entire film’s dramatic project.

'Isle of Dogs' still

‘Isle of Dogs’ Fully Deserving of Puppy Snaps

'Isle of Dogs' is a wondrous fantasia of art.