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Anant Agarwal

Under Bacow, Possibilities for Growth in DCE and edX

University President-elect Lawrence S. Bacow said he is interested in creating more opportunities for underresourced communities to access Harvard and its teaching at a press conference on Sunday.

Out of Silence
Student Groups

Reproductive Justice Group Stages Annual Performance

“We are interested in sharing real abortion narratives just to destigmatize abortion, to bring humanity, compassion, and empathy to this topic,” said an organizer of the event.


If Democrats Respect Women, Al Franken Should Resign

Any Democrat who excuses Franken’s lascivious behavior—whether it be out of cynicism for our political future or another reason—must recognize that they, too, are part of the problem.

Student Life

Harvard College Proceeds with Online Title IX Training for Second Year

​The College used input from undergraduate focus groups to update its sexual assault prevention training modules for 2017, according to Title IX Coordinator Emily J. Miller.


Liberal Rhetoric is Intellectually Exclusive

Though liberals like me disagree with Trump’s opinions, we must acknowledge that his message won in part because it was digestible, whereas the liberal agenda was not.


Black Students Association Condemns Assault of Cornell Student

“If it could happen at Cornell, it could happen here at Harvard,” said Hasani A. Hayden ’19, the President of BSA.

Gatekeepers: White House Chiefs of Staff

Former White House Chiefs of Staff Discuss Trump at IOP

Three former White House chiefs of staff discussed disorganization in the Trump White House at an Institute of Politics event on Tuesday night.

Charles Murray protestors

Charles Murray Event Draws Protest

Murray, whose work alleging race can be linked to IQ disparities has been denounced as “racist pseudoscience” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, spoke to a crowd of nearly 300.

Summer Postcards 2017

Summer Postcard: Issues of Indivisibility

Americans, ever the optimists, promise that every problem has a solution. But as I watched yet another conflict unfold in Jerusalem, I felt my American optimism lose out to logic.


In Pursuit of Happiness and In Loving Memory

When I get upset about something as insignificant as my midterms, I try to think of my grandfather’s example, but I don’t always succeed. The never-ending drive for success synonymous with four years at Harvard is consuming.

Harvard Ed Portal Opening

In Tenth Year, Ed Portal Celebrates Growth

Nearly ten years after its inception, the Harvard Ed Portal has grown to provide academic support to about 250 Allstonian students each year.


Fake News Research Guide Draws Ire from Conservatives

Right-wing news outlets are lambasting the Harvard Library’s online research guide “Fake News, Misinformation, and Propaganda” for linking to a site that they argue mislabels conservative news and research sources as illegitimate.

Astrophysics Center

Astronomy Enthusiasts Over The Moon After Exoplanet Discovery

​Harvard astronomy scholars and enthusiasts say they are thrilled at the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting nearby star Trappist-1.


SEAS Researchers Develop Innovative Long-Lasting Battery

A team of researchers of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has developed a long-lasting “redox flow” battery that has the potential to revolutionize energy storage.


What is Offensive Can No Longer Be Ignored

It seemed impossible that Donald Trump, who had been considered a lost cause, was racking in electoral vote after electoral vote. How could the news sources we trusted have gotten everything so wrong?