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Grace M. Chao

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Charles River

A River Runs Through It

Harvard wasn’t what I dreamed at all, for how could I have dreamed of an adventure whose twists and turns I scarcely could have imagined?

Faith at Harvard

God and Harvard

If I am willing to pay but one moment more acknowledging God’s presence even in my most mundane, routine activities at Harvard, “Veritas” becomes much more than a motto; it becomes a reality.


Brass Stars and Butter Bars

What this new “butter bar” will ask of the “brass stars” is a vision to guide the force and the country through its current strategic fog, and in return will do whatever it takes to lead her soldiers to that place.

What do we owe Harvard?

What Do We Owe Harvard?

I believe that I owe something to Harvard for everything that its students and teachers have given me.

Media Politics

The Rise of the Religion of Politics

What politics often looks like now is nothing other than a religion, and not a good one.


No New Friend Requests

Our deep-seated cultural corruption of friendship can only be undone by a radical and countercultural change of our hearts and minds.

Admissions Files

An Asian-American Athlete’s Application to Harvard

If anything, viewing my admissions file was a reassuring yet somewhat haunting reminder of the human nature of institutions.

Up In the Air

Full Time

The story of this team over the last four years is truly the stuff of miracles and a story of radical love.

Crimson Crossfire Undergraduate Council Debate

Do … Less?

I am genuinely glad that there are students who want to lead and serve Harvard as its undergraduate leaders, but I would pose the following question to these candidates: What would you take away?

St. Paul Catholic Church

Mass and Maneuver

Christians do not serve a God of coincidence, and it isn’t a coincidence that I’ve lived here with an amazing group of Catholics (and a wonderful Protestant!).


Kavanaugh, Kangaroo Courts, and Consent

The hysterical circus of Kavanaugh's nomination are not at all surprising in a society that is deeply, deeply confused about what it thinks about sex.


Portrait of An Exclusivity Fallacy

We do scholars and students (indeed our very humanity) a great disservice when we assume and reinforce the notion that inclusion and belonging are primarily questions of sharing surface-level similarities.

The Band at Convocation

A Wrinkle in Harvard Time

It will be a challenge this semester to resist the current that bears us ceaselessly back into the past as Harvard Time wrinkles and the University’s next pages begin.


Sound and Fury

Usually I find the chaos an appealing challenge, but now the volume is deafening, and the noise is exhausting.


Educational Equivocation

We are cheating ourselves out of the richness of what Harvard can and does offer if we are only concerned with fulfilling requirements.