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Elijah T. Ezeji-Okoye

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Divestment at the Forum

Does Harvard Have a Conscience?

Harvard must now ask itself: Is growing the endowment worth being complicit in the destruction of our very world — our very future, as we know it — regardless of Harvard’s own ability to adapt to a new climate order?

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Boys Go to Jupiter

By diminishing the value of friendships between boys and girls, we stunt the learning that can be done from befriending those with different experiences and identities.


Terrorism is Terrorism, Period

Stephen Paddock is a terrorist. He is as much a terrorist as Omar Mateen, who is as much a terrorist as Dylan Roof.


Legislation Does Not Equal Liberation

Real change does not exist in legislation alone. It must be accompanied by societal and ideological change.

Divest Harvard

Dissent: Harvardian Hypocrisy

Divestment and climate change research are not mutually exclusive. Rather, the combined action will only pull the University’s usage of the endowment in line with the University’s espoused stance on climate change.


The Future is Female

I am not in the fight to give women strength—for they already possess that.


No Hate, No Fear

If the rights of one are taken away, we all lose. Self-interest, self-motivation, and selfish disregard for others put President Trump in the White House. We cannot fight him with those same strategies.