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Calypso Cover

“Calypso:” Dark Humor, Even for Sedaris

“Calypso” explores personal family dynamics that have only been briefly mentioned in the past, making this collection more tender and more painful than his others.

Handmaid's Tale Cover

Page to Screen: The Handmaid’s Tale

The TV series is a stark reminder that Atwood’s imagined dystopia is not so unimaginable in our current reality, and now, it’s coming back for a second season.

Vinegar Girl Cover

'10 Things I Hate About You,' Shakespeare, and Anne Tyler

So undo the damage “10 Things I Hate About You” has done, and read Tyler’s “Vinegar Girl” to experience what a real modern day adaptation of Shakespeare’s most problematic play should be.

Macbeth Cover

Jo Nesbø’s ‘Macbeth’ a Gritty Take on a Classic

“Macbeth” is a page-turner, complete with an ominous atmosphere and action scenes galore, but ironically, the scenes that most closely evoke Shakespeare’s original fall flat.

I Have Lost My Way Cover

‘I Have Lost My Way’ Has Lost Its Way

Although Forman has done notable job creating diverse and believable characters, the plot fluctuates between YA cliché tropes and moments that make little to no sense.

Every Note Played Cover

'Every Note Played' Means Well But Fails to Read Well

Genova’s fifth book, describes Richard’s life after he moves back home so his ex-wife, Karina, can care for him.

Stray City Cover

‘Stray City’ Strays from the Powerhouse Novel it Could Have Been

An interesting spin on a single-parent narrative, “Stray City” explores some topics while leaving other timely ones high and dry.

Obsidio Cover

‘Obsidio:’ An Eclectic End to the Illuminae Files

The file format undoubtedly makes the trilogy unique, allowing “Obsidio” to overcome some recurring issues.

Red Clocks Cover

‘Red Clocks’: A World Too Close for Comfort

​In an all too real dystopian world, “Red Clocks” by Leni Zumas explores four women’s lives when abortion, adoption by a single parent, and in vitro fertilization are illegal in the United States.

The Immortalists Cover

‘The Immortalists’ Asks Questions About a Life Worth Living

“The Immortalists” asks questions whose answers could—and should—affect a reader's life.

Educated Cover

'Educated': Truthful and Heart-Wrenching

Westover questions the doctrines her family has instilled in her since birth, the reliability of memory, and the obligations a daughter has to her family.

Gnomon Cover

“Gnomon:” Hard Work that Doesn’t Pay Off

​A behemoth of a book, “Gnomon” is almost seven hundred tightly-packed pages, but its complex content is what makes it a difficult read.

HBO Henrietta Lacks Still

‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’ Turns Eight, Story Still Touching and Timely

On the eighth anniversary of the novel, it’s worth taking a look at the touching film that documents the pain the Lacks family still feels after being lied to by Johns Hopkins University about their own mother.

Henrietta Lacks HBO Still 1

“The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks:” The Scientific and the Sentimental

In honor of Black History Month, it is important to recognize Lacks’ impact on science and discuss the portrayal of the Lacks family both on the page and on the screen.

American Marriage Cover

'An American Marriage:' Emotionally Raw

Jones creates a beautifully sad story that will invariably lead to an emotional hangover.