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Unsheltered Cover

‘Unsheltered’ Refuses to Shelter Us from Today’s Harsh Realities

Unsheltered” falters only in moments where its message is perhaps too clear.

Caroline E. Tew '20

5 Books Pretentious Section Kid Loves

If you’ve ever taken a humanities course, there’s almost always one kid in your section that not only believes his taste is better than yours, but wants you to know it too.

Bridge of Clay Cover

‘Bridge of Clay’ Doesn’t Live Up To Expectations

Zusak fans eagerly awaiting another hard-hitting historical fiction novel should be prepared to be disappointed by his newest novel.

The Caregiver Cover

Much Care Given in 'The Caregiver'

Park’s prose twists the mundane into different forms, shedding new light on themes that are pervasive throughout literature.

Baby Teeth Cover

'Baby Teeth' Has Some Growing To Do

Though at times chilling, “Baby Teeth” could have been so much more.

Clock Dance Cover

‘Clock Dance’ Dances Around Resolution

With a little more character development, Tyler’s newest novel could have become more than just a pleasant summer read.

All We Ever Wanted Cover

‘All We Ever Wanted’ is a Nuanced Look at Sexual Harassment’s Ramifications

Emily Giffin’s newest novel, “All We Ever Wanted,” explores relationships between parents and children who are both survivors and perpetrators of sexual violence and harassment.

The Death of Mrs. Westaway Cover

‘The Death of Mrs. Westaway’: An Ending that Kills a Good Story

Ruth Ware succeeds in creating a creepy and gothic atmosphere in her latest novel, “The Death of Mrs. Westaway.”

War Storm Cover

‘War Storm:’ A Hurricane of Strong Female Characters

Aveyard has provided a satisfying ending for her thought-provoking series.

My Year of Rest and Relaxation Cover

‘My Year of Rest and Relaxation’ Is Neither Restful Nor Relaxing

The prose, just barely, drives along the story even when there is very little story to tell.

The Word is Murder Cover

‘The Word Is Murder’: A Mystery that Blends Fiction and Reality

​Anthony Horowitz isn’t afraid to change up the classic mystery, and “The Word Is Murder” is no exception.

Legendary Cover

‘Legendary’ is Anything But

Garber takes advantage of the fact that her readers don’t have a complete grasp of the rules of her magical world and, frustratingly, makes the rules up as she sees fit.

Florida Cover

‘Florida:’ Intriguing Characters, Lackluster Endings

Each of Groff’s words feel deliberate, hardening the impact of her stories.

Calypso Cover

“Calypso:” Dark Humor, Even for Sedaris

“Calypso” explores personal family dynamics that have only been briefly mentioned in the past, making this collection more tender and more painful than his others.

Handmaid's Tale Cover

Page to Screen: The Handmaid’s Tale

The TV series is a stark reminder that Atwood’s imagined dystopia is not so unimaginable in our current reality, and now, it’s coming back for a second season.