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Ben Bellet

The Trigger Warning War at Harvard

Trigger warnings — advance notices that precede potentially disturbing material, often for the purported benefit of those with PTSD — have been the subject of great contention in recent years. Bellet’s studies claim to show that trigger warnings have a negligible impact on anxiety levels in response to “distressing” literary passages.

Orange World Cover

Karen Russell Discusses ‘Orange World’ at Harvard Book Store

Russell attracted such a large audience that some attendees sat on the floor, stood in the back of the room, and even watched Russell speak from closed-circuit televisions elsewhere in the bookstore

Centrism Animals
Student Groups

Can the Center Hold?

"It’s very hard to beat someone’s emotional argument with rational facts.”

You Know You Want This Cover

‘Cat Person’ Author Kristen Roupenian Discusses New Book at Harvard Book Store

Much of the evening’s conversation centered on Kristen Roupenian’s attempts to navigate her story’s unexpected fame.


Boston Asian American Film Festival Opens with ‘Joy Luck Club’ at Brattle Theatre

“Many of the creatives that were involved in [‘The Joy Luck Club’] have set a foundation for all the work that has led us to... have successes like ‘Crazy Rich Asians.’”

A car in front of Staples.
Arts Blog

Five Great Short Stories by Asian-American Writers

Here are five fun short stories by Asian-American writers.


Five Spooky Short Stories for October

Spice up your Halloween season with some spooky short fiction!

Arnold Schoenberg
Arts Blog

Top Five Underappreciated Bangers

I’ve compiled a list of five songs that really slap and are definitely, definitely lesser known and therefore cooler than anything favored by your average Pitchfork fanboy.

"To All the Boys I've Loved Before"

Unpopular Opinion: I Hated 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before'

I can’t stay silent anymore. “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” is an awful movie.

'Deadpool 2' still

‘Deadpool 2’ Obnoxious and Wonderful

“Deadpool 2” somehow avoids crossing the line from funny to tiresome, at least for the most part.

My Sister Will be Hungry

My Sister Will Be Hungry: Part IV

I grew to love it, in time, the beauty of the balanced equation, the quantity subtracted, the triglyceride transformed into carbon and water. But first the simplicity of it seduced me. How easily the body could be revised, how quickly the flesh surrendered to the whims of its inhabitant. A bloodless coup, quiet as a child drowning.


My Sister Will Be Hungry: Part III

You’re going to kill me, she’d say. Just do the dishes. Come out of your room. Finish your food. Finish your food. Finish your food.

Jessie J in the "Bang Bang" music video.

Woke Queen: Feminist Theory in Jessie J’s Lyrics

When Jessie J sings about her “dick,” she is calling for a restructuring of phallic inheritance in service of women’s liberation. Does it get more woke than that?


My Sister Will Be Hungry: Part II

I sought safety in myself, in the protrusion of vertebrae, in the growth of fine pigmentless fur that spread over my skin—any palpable proof of purity.


My Sister Will Be Hungry: Part I

I had succeeded, and hating decline as much as I did made success a paranoid place.