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Summer in Cambridge
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Five Questions We Asked Ourselves in Cambridge This Summer

​After spending a good three months in Cambridge this summer, Flyby has had a lot of time to reflect on Harvard’s hometown. The following are some questions (of varying importance) that we found ourselves asking.

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This Week at Harvard: The End (of Summer) Is Upon Us

It’s your last chance to make some summer memories before the beginning of sch**l, so make it count!

Chelsea Clinton Signs Books at Harvard Bookstore
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​This Week at Harvard: Eight Activities on the Coast, in the City, and Close to Home

We’ve compiled yet another list of school-free summer activities to help keep your mind off of the impending doom of September.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Class of 1904
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Before They Were Famous: A Look at Notable Alums’ Yearbook Entries

Many of today’s—and yesterday’s—celebrities once called Harvard home, so Flyby decided to dive deep into the College’s yearbook archives to find out what some noteable alumni were up to during their time in Cambridge.

Bunker Hill Monument
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Revolutionary Monuments, Missing the Ship, and a Surprising Bit of Inspiration on the Freedom Trail

Flyby decided to embark on the 2.5-mile historic tour of Boston to experience our (well, neighboring) city from the point of view of an outsider—so you don’t have to.

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This Week at Harvard: Restaurants, Running, and Rihanna

Whatever activity you choose, whether it be all or one, these are sure to set your August off on the right track—well, at least until school starts.

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Sweetgreen is Now Cheaper Than A Day of Harvard Square Parking

To help you budget (and hopefully encourage any visitors to take the T), we at Flyby have compiled seven things that you could buy in the Square with a day’s worth of parking fees.

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This Week at Harvard: Music, Hot Dogs, and Movies (Oh My!)

Flyby is back again this week with ideas for activities in the coming days that’ll keep your mind off the impending doom of first semester.

Jeb, Fryer & Peterson
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En Boca Lasted About as Long as Jeb!

Here are five things that lasted even less time than En Boca.

HBS at Commencement
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Even Spider-Man Needs Harvard Business School

​There’s a familiar face in the latest Marvel action movie, “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” It’s Harvard Business School’s dean of seven years: Nitin Nohria.

The Museum of Fine Arts
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This Week at Harvard: Sandcastles, Shakespeare, and Steve Martin Movies

This week, we’re bringing you suggestions for some summer classics. From outdoor movies to sandcastles and ice cream, this is a week to escape the monotony of the Square and enjoy all that the greater Boston area has to offer.

American Apparel
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In Memoriam: Remembering This Year’s Fallen Harvard Square Businesses

Flyby wants to take a moment to acknowledge some of the establishments we’ve lost.