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Harvard’s Vision for Ethnic Studies: Almost There, But Not Yet

Only by subverting conventional understandings of history, which often omit the lived realities of people of color, can we come to a new understanding of the world, which can only happen at Harvard if the search committee hires the right faculty.

Black Arts Festival 2019: Winter Tangerine Magazine Leads Workshop on Race and Writing

The session included a world-building exercise, reflections on the writing process, a reading of a Lucille Clifton poem, and a group of student writers gathered together to participate.

Portrait of an Artist: Susan E. Miller-Havens

When painter Susan E. Miller-Havens opened the first ever artist-operated gallery in Harvard Square earlier this fall, the development and rising rents of the Square had long been on her mind. Miller-Havens, who has two works displayed in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, has lived in Cambridge since 1968. Two years ago, she came face to face with a redevelopment project that made her plans for the near future inextricable from the state of the Square. Strolling among dozens of her paintings arranged salon-style at 9 JFK Street, Miller-Havens spoke to The Harvard Crimson about her gallery’s role in the Square and the challenges of her profession.

Garbage Nails the Art of Optimistic Retrospection in ‘Version 2.0’ 20th Anniversary Concert

I was painfully aware of how much I didn’t fit in at Garbage’s Oct. 23 House of Blues concert. The tour celebrated the 20th birthday of their sophomore album, “Version 2.0.” I had just turned 19.