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Hail to the Thief album cover

Timely and Foreboding, Radiohead’s ‘Hail to the Thief’ Turns 15

Simultaneously a mutter and sing-song, strained and explosive, electronic and a return to a guitar-driven rock core, “Hail to the Thief” embodies the frustration and defeat of a bruised animal throwing itself against the bars of a cage—“hysterical and useless,” to quote the band’s earlier work.

Wrinkle In Time Still

Page To Screen: 'A Wrinkle In Time'

An openness to more of the book’s awkwardness, humor, and pain would have helped to remind viewers why, for 56 years, readers have accompanied L’Engle’s misfit characters on their mind-boggling journey through space and time.

Claire Messud

Creative Writing Tips from Harvard’s Faculty

While not every Harvard student will have the opportunity to take their classes, anyone can try their hand at creative writing.

Elise Paschen

Alumni Spotlight: Elise M. Paschen '81

"No matter what you end up doing in your life, if you have a strong grounding in literature, it will serve you throughout the rest of your life. I think that for all of us, when we think about fiction or novels, there are so many that have made such a deep impression on our lives."

In Passage

Harvard Ballet Company’s ‘In Passage’ Takes Flight

Harvard Ballet Company believes that the debut of “In Passage” will be the first of its kind in Ivy League history.

Jose Mateo

José Mateo Ballet’s “Assault on the Senses” Blends Vigor With Grace

José Mateo Ballet Theatre’s October series, “Assault on the Senses,” is not as bone-rattling as the title would suggest, but the three ballets included are both haunting and illuminated with moments of passion.


Dion’s ICA Show Mourns Humans’ Impact on Nature

In Dion’s work, no natural object is left untouched by a human hand, and images from nature pervade even the most consumerist aspects of civilization.

On Campus

MFA Opens Fall Slate of Exhibitions

From the juncture between “Seeking Stillness” and its neighboring exhibition “Mark Rothko: Reflection,” Jonas’s installation is also within view; Saywell recommended that viewers stand in this spot to take in painting, sculpture, and video stemming from nature.

Dan Byers
On Campus

Artist Spotlight: Dan Byers

In June, Byers took the helm at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts.