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Prefrosh Bags at Visitas
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Oh, The Prefrosh You'll See At Visitas

Prepare yourselves, students and prefrosh alike, because the Yard is about to be flooded with high schoolers. These are the ones to watch out for.

Free Shirts for Hosts
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The Types of Hosts You'll Meet at Visitas

For every all-star host, there's a handful of neglectors and overbookers...

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How To: Suck Up To Your TF Late in the Game

We know you haven't been to office hours yet this semester, but there's still hope to salvage your relationship with your TF (and your grade).

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Ah, office hours...your new home.

Quincy Courtyard
House Life

Quincy House

Whether you’re in the Square, in class, or walking along the river, Quincy will always seem just close enough.​

Housing Day 2015
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The Class of 2021's Best Blocking Group Names

We have reached a verdict. Thank you Class of 2021 for your creativity.

Caley C Smith
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How To Participate in Class Without Making People Hate You

Want to keep your A without becoming section kid? Here's how.

Too Many Emails
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No More Insincere "Sincerely"s: Use These Creative Email Sign-Offs

Tired of ending your emails with overused sign-offs like “sincerely” or “best”? Frustrated by the constant lack of replies you receive in the world of email? Step up your mail game with this saucy list of email sign-offs approved by Flyby.

Yard at Night
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Beware the Franken-Squad

Define "Franken-Squad": a group of non-friends thrown together, essentially in an arranged blocking-marriage, under the belief a mismatched group is better than no group at all.

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Half-Assing the Half-Pipe, Harvard Style

Harvard alum Elizabeth Swaney placed last in half-pipe after performing no tricks at all. How did she get to the Olympics? With some classic Harvard spirit.

Yard at Night
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Yard at Night

If your blocking group just came together this week, the Yard might be looking a little...spooky, even Franken-like.

Faust Pop Art
Drew Faust

What Does the Harvard President Actually Do?

Uh...hand out Halloween candy?

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WTF is Toad's?

Still wondering what "Toad's" is? We've got you covered.

UC Crimson Crossfire

What You Missed at the Crimson Crossfire Debate

The Crimson Crossfire debate took place in Harvard Hall on the 12th, and it was filled with great debate points, inquisitive questions, and circular reasoning.

Halloween Drinky Drink
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Flyby's Halloween Drinking Game

Take a gander at Flyby's Halloween Drinking Game. Stay safe, folks!