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Harvard Glee Club

Harvard Glee Club to Open Auditions to Students of All Genders

The Glee Club made the decision to open their membership eligibility after consulting with the historically-female Radcliffe Choral Society, which also decided to make its membership gender neutral in April.

Harvard Teaching Campaign

Labor of Love: The Five-Year Road to Unionization

As Harvard and its new union prepare to begin negotiations, current and former union organizers remember the five-year march to unionization as convoluted, lengthy, and difficult.

Linda J. Greenhouse '68

Linda J. Greenhouse ’68: ‘A Largely Exemplary Life’

Greenhouse says that acclimating to and excelling in The Crimson’s male-dominated newsroom was “a toughening exercise.”

Linda Greenhouse Article
Commencement 2018

Linda Greenhouse Article

An article written by Linda Greenhouse appears in a 1966 issue of The Crimson.

Graduate Student Unionization Vote Queen's Head

Grad Union Establishes Sexual Harassment Committee

Members of the union’s organizing committee voted to form the group to advocate for individuals who have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

Holden Green

After Construction Debacle, Holden Green Residents Seek 'Systemic Change' to University Housing

Harvard ultimately reimbursed residents in the University-owned Holden Green apartment building three months' worth of rent to compensate for disruption caused by construction.

Unionization Voters
Central Administration

Experts Say Harvard's Union Bargaining Terms Differ From Typical Labor Contract

Labor experts say the boundaries delineating issues allowed on the bargaining table for Harvard’s student union could differ from those that define a typical labor contract negotiation.

Cambridge Queen's Head Voting Place Sign

Harvard’s Decision to Bargain Puts Pressure on Peer Institutions, Organizers Say

Labor experts and union organizers say Harvard’s recent move to bargain with its graduate student union may boost unionization efforts at peer universities.

Students Filing In
Central Administration

21 Vie For Seats on Union Bargaining Committee

Harvard Graduate Students Union-United Automobile Workers is holding elections for the union’s main negotiating body May 9 and 10.

Drew Faust

Harvard Will Bargain With Grad Union

​Harvard will collectively bargain with its newly formed graduate student union, University President Drew G. Faust said in an interview Tuesday.

University Provost Alan M. Garber at Commencement 2016

Preparing to Bargain, Admins Draw Line In Sand Between Academics and Labor

University President Drew G. Faust said administrators “will be very adamant” in maintaining the division between academic and labor issues.

Unionization Vote

University, Union Decline to Object to Union Election

​Neither Harvard nor the newly-formed graduate student union have filed objections over the April 2018 unionization election within the seven-day period set by the National Labor Relations Board.

Unionization Vote

Polls: Pro-Union Voters Twice as Likely to Disapprove of Harvard’s Handling of Sexual Harassment

Students who voted “Yes” to unionization were two-and-a-half times more likely to disapprove of how Harvard handles issues of discrimination and sexual harassment than were students who voted “No,” according to an exit poll.

Strike Approval by Vote

Pro-Union Voters Seven Times More Likely to Approve of Strikes, Exit Polls Show

Harvard students who voted in favor of unionization were nearly seven times more likely to report they approve of strikes as a negotiation tactic than those who voted against.

Unionization Vote
Central Administration

Newly Minted Union Solicits Nominations for Bargaining Committee

Thirteen students will be elected to the committee, which will take charge of collecting feedback from union members, setting negotiation agendas, and representing the union at the bargaining table.